I’m always interested in the story that’s not told. What intrigues me the most about our technology industry isn’t the obvious that’s reported in the news, but rather what is hidden behind hype and self-promotion.

The race to mass market adoption in mobile VR has been full of proprietary solutions that have so far failed to capture the tens of millions needed for content makers to sustain this area of business. Why is this? How far away is this holy grail of VR mass adoption? Why aren’t more companies joining together to support common standards and hardware or are they already doing this? Studying and comparing the competitive landscape gives us a wide and deep understanding of what’s to come.

If you have any suggestions for content, I’m often interested to collaborate in analyzing and reporting on trends and patterns. While my passion isn’t solely in the financial or planning aspects of our industries, I find patterns in these areas extremely illuminating when forecasting future trends.