I’ve been in the interactive media space over 15 years. Prior to that, I spent over ten years in the music industry, as well as living in Jamaica and building a house there after graduating from college. That was an incredibly memorable experience.

Studying Old and New School VR @uSens (2016)

My music industry experience producing, recording, and distributing Reggae music around the world helped me learn the ins and outs of running my own businesses and working closely with partners and teams on large projects. This also grew my fascination for technology and the contrast between our analog and digital world.

The Outernational Crew @ 56 Slipe Road in Kingston, Jamaica (1991)

I leveraged my music career into production, business development, licensing and marketing in the video game space when the internet was reaching critical mass adoption during the early 2000s.

Since that time, I’ve focused my career growth in the interactive content and tools space within console, mobile, and PC online gaming, as well as becoming a skilled professional business executive in ARVR platforms and most recently Connected (cyber-physical) Experiences.

The WHY for me is my passion for technology and how I can be a part of evolving this for future generations. I’m curious, and I thrive on new experiences and knowledge sharing. I’m a student of past, present, and future technologies and innovations.

When the PC transformed into a gaming platform in the early 90s, I quickly rekindled my love for games after having retired from my quarter arcade days. Playing Beta LAN games of Doom, Quake, etc. in the early 90s and eventually finding a job working at Atari in Santa Monica, CA in the early 2000s gave me my post-music career, in video games.

I used my professional music business experience to manage game content (voice, likenesses, and IP) and music for Hollywood games like The Matrix, Mission Impossible, Terminator, and Superman as well as working on original games and series like Stranglehold, Neverwinter Nights, and Test Drives as well as iconic franchises like Midway’s Rush, Blitz, Ballers, and Mortal Kombat series. This allowed me to work on hundreds of different games and genres that resulted in over a billion games distributed globally.

While at Atari, Midway, and Ubisoft, I worked with multiple media platforms and systems, across global regions/languages, working with development teams and cross-disciplines such as legal, financial, and executive transactions. These experiences set me up for spearheading my next journey.

In 2010, my career took a turn into developing, selling, and marketing middle-ware tools for creating interactive games and serious content. I joined Unity Technologies in San Francisco and led the creation of their video games business in the Americas for the next three years.

I helped create and lead Unity’s business development for enterprise, gaming and educational outreach and evangelism in the Americas and helped  establish the outbound field teams and best outreach practices and support. My rolodex had then expanded into thousands of active industry connections including AAA developers and F500 companies in the games, application and industrial spaces.

I was an early advocate, adopter, and evangelist for Unity’s emerging augmented and virtual reality developers in 2011. These two new mediums represented cutting edge content that Unity has now become very popular for supporting.

In the last few years, I’ve worked for multiple ARVR start-up companies which has also allowed me to learn the current ARVR and emerging platform competitive landscapes and ecosystems.

I’m an avid technology consumer and father of two kids which has immersed me in the technologies I work within daily. This is critical to my curiosity, passion, and professional success.

I’m always looking to expand my network, knowledge, and capabilities. I welcome new contacts questions, and advice, so please feel free to contact me for any reason.