I provide a full-service and customizable spectrum of technology business development services, providing domain expertise in emerging platforms, games and interactive media, ARVR, AI, HCI, wearables, and connected experiences. I specialize in understanding use cases, products/users, competitive landscapes; and, coming up with and executing winning strategies. My clients have a diverse set of needs, and all of my projects are customized and tailored to your parameters.

  • Business Development and Sales – engage with new projects and clients to help evaluate and understand how to execute on business, sales, and marketing strategies.
  • Business Analysis – reports, comps., and recommendations
  • Go to Market Strategy/Marketing –  identify content, development and consumer patterns and trends to help form defendable forecasts and marketing plans.
  • Developer Relations/Evangelism – outreach, connecting opportunities, demos, and workshops
  • Produce/Project Management – fine tune existing plans, refresh old ones, and create new ideas

Residing in the Bay area allows me dependable access to a diverse development community, investors and executives, as well as strategic partnership and marketing opportunities. Working with large and small companies also gives me a unique and balanced perspective into future technology releases. Please contact me for any reasons.